Foard County Sketch File 28

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  • Collection

    General Map Collection

  • Object Dates

    1883/5/21 (File Date)

    1883/5/8 (Survey Date)

  • People and Organizations

    Sam L. Chalk (Surveyor/Engineer)

  • Counties

    Foard Cottle

  • Subjects

    Surveying Sketch File

  • Height x Width

    34.7 x 38.0 inches

    88.1 x 96.5 cm

  • Medium

    paper, manuscript

  • Features

    Round Top Hill

    Taug Creek

    Middle Fork of Washita River

    Seymour & TePee City Road

    Buzards [sic] Creek

    North Fork of Wichita River

    Otto Post Office

    Round Mountain

    Good Creek

    South Beaver Creek

    Beaver Creek

    Pease River

    Brushy Knob

    Marlins Creek

    Wichita River

    Willow Creek

    Cottonwood Creek

    East Cottonwood Creek

    Dogwood Creek

    Dixie Mound

    Old Henrietta Road

    Owl Spring