Harris County Sketch File 88

[Copies of plats and field notes from mineral files]

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  • Map/Doc


  • Collection

    General Map Collection

  • Object Dates

    1983/1/6 (File Date)

    1913 (Survey Date)

    1914/4/28 (Creation Date)

    1913/7/31 (Survey Date)

    1912 (Survey Date)

    1914/3/21 (Correspondence Date)

  • People and Organizations

    I. Austin Miller (Surveyor/Engineer)

    J.S. Boyles (Draftsman)

    J.S. Boyles (Surveyor/Engineer)

    Fred Eubanks (Chainman)

    George Williford (Chainman)

    Jack Lagarde (Chainman)

    Arthur A. Stiles (Surveyor/Engineer)

  • Counties


  • Subjects

    Surveying Sketch File

  • Height x Width

    13.8 x 12.1 inches

    35.1 x 30.7 cm

  • Medium

    photostat, negative

  • Scale

    1:200; 1:80; 1:400; 1:50

  • Features

    Black Duck Bay

    McKee Peninsula

    Galveston and Houston Ship Channel

    Spillman Island

    Hog Island

    Goose Creek Channel

    Goose Creek

    Goose Creek Bay

    Cedar Bayou

    Tabbs Bay

    United States Government Ship Channel

    San Jacinto Bay

    Perkins Island

    Gilliard Peninsula

    Mullett Island

    Morgan Point