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Upton County Sketch File 10

[Report of progress in a resurvey of certain Blocks of land]

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  • Map/Doc


  • Collection

    General Map Collection

  • Object Dates

    1919/6/22 (Creation Date)

    1920/5/15 (File Date)

    1919/6/22 (Creation Date)

    1880 (Survey Date)

    1911 (Survey Date)

    1881 (Survey Date)

    1879 (Survey Date)

    1911 (Survey Date)

  • People and Organizations

    C.D. Foote (Surveyor/Engineer)

    L.L. Farr (Surveyor/Engineer)

    Mr. Burton (Surveyor/Engineer)

    H.B. Tarver (Surveyor/Engineer)

    R.M. Thomson (Surveyor/Engineer)

    Dr. Cushman (Surveyor/Engineer)

    Robert E. Estes (Surveyor/Engineer)

    Jesse Cross (Surveyor/Engineer)

    Neyland (Surveyor/Engineer)

    McDonald (Surveyor/Engineer)

    Bonnell (Surveyor/Engineer)

    McCombs (Surveyor/Engineer)

    R.S. Dod (Surveyor/Engineer)

  • Counties


  • Subjects

    Surveying Sketch File

  • Height x Width

    13.5 x 8.7 inches

    34.3 x 22.1 cm

  • Medium

    paper, print

  • Features

    Pontoon Crossing

    Pecos River

    Grierson Spring

    Pontoon Bridge