Travis County Sketch File 78

[Surveyor's Report on boundary survey of Camp Mabry]

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  • Collection

    General Map Collection

  • Object Dates

    2010/2/4 (Creation Date)

    2011/9/9 (File Date)

    2010/2/10 (Creation Date)

    2010/2/4 (Correspondence Date)

    2009/11/18 (Survey Date)

    2010/1/25 (Survey Date)

  • People and Organizations

    Mark Hinojosa (Chainman/Field Personnel)

    David A. Rolbiecki (Surveyor/Engineer)

  • Counties


  • Subjects

    Surveying Sketch File

  • Height x Width

    11.0 x 8.5 inches

    27.9 x 21.6 cm

  • Medium

    paper, print

  • Comments

    See Travis County Real Property Sketch 16 (90086 and 90087) for accompanying plats.

  • Features

    Woodstone Square

    State of Texas Camp Mabry Road

    Loop Number 1 MOPAC Highway

    Acers-Rodriguez Addition

    Woodmont Addition

    Colorado Foothills Subdivision

    Old Deison Farm

    Division Drive

    Engineer Drive

    Pecos Square Subdivision

    Camp Mabry

    Perlitz Townhouse Addition

    Perlitz Subdivision

    Pecos Street

    Camp Mabry Golf Course

    Hill View Road


    W. 35th Street

    Highland Park Addition

    Balcones Park Addition